The Sacred Band of Thebes was an elite group of 300 warriors, the best of the best. It was formed by 150 couples of lovers, because it was believed that they would fight more fiercely for one another. 

In 338 b.C., during the Battle of Chaeronaea, the Sacred Band was utterly destroyed by Macedonian army.

This is the doomed story of the last couple of thoose warriors, PHOIBOS and LEOKRATES.

How long can they survive?

How many enemies can they kill before meeting their unavoidable end?

Let me know in the comments

Sacred Bond is meant to be a single player game. However if you want you can play it with someone else, sharing your keyboard.


Key arrows: movement of Leokrates

WASD: movement of Phoibos

Press one key toward an enemy: attack that enemy

Enter: select a menu voice, scroll text

Pick the vase to heal yourself 

Made withConstruct
Tagsbisexual, Construct 2, Gay, greek, LGBT, mythology, Pixel Art, sacred-band, thebes
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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fUN, but not easy, maybe easier with two players but the challenge is part of the fun. love the art and the idea behind it

thanks for making and sharing this

Thank you for playing it! Glad you enjoyed it.

You educated me! :) I didn't know anything about the Band of Thebes before.

I survived for 55 seconds with a score of 16. It was quite a speedy game. :)

I didn't know I made an educational game. I'm happy to hear that!

A small tutorial or indication on co-op controls would be great to make things clearer.

Man, that Leokrates is HUNG! I approve. ;-)

Yeah, I know. The co-op is more of a suggestion, but I thought it would be fun to include it anyhow.  I'm glad you appreciate THAT part of my design! It's one of the "small" details about greek art that I choose to not follow.

It looks interesting. I dind't know that it is a coop game.


Sorry, I forgot to explain it! It's meant to be a single player game but if you want you can play it with someone else.